Local Route Modifications

Local Route Modifications

Nov 28, 2018

The Butler Transit Authority will be making minor modifications to local Routes 2/4, 3 and 5 on Monday, December 3rd. The changes include:

Route 2/4: Time Adjustments and Lyndora Stop Added: Route 2/4 will begin servicing the Bessemer area of Lyndora. Due to the added stop, times have been adjusted slightly.

Route 3: Time Adjustments: The times on Route 3 have been adjusted to optimize better on time performance.

Route 5: 
Time Adjustments and Stop Removal: Since Route 2/4 will now be servicing the Bessemer area, Route 5 will no longer service the Bessemer area of Lyndora. Route 5 will come straight down Whitestown Road and continue its route to Pullman Square. Due to this change the times have been adjusted slightly.

Local Route Schedules to begin 12/3/2018


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