Feb 2, 2021
UPDATE 2/21/2021: In compliance with the new federal mask mandate, face masks are required on all BTA vehicles and in the downtown terminal. For more information please visit or We appreciate your cooperation in complying with this federal mandate. TSA Mask Sign

UPDATE 10/5/2020: U.S. DOT rejects request for national mask mandate on public transportation
In a little-noticed ruling on Friday evening, the U.S. Department of Transportation rejected a petition by a coalition of labor unions that had asked the federal government to require passengers to wear masks on public transportation. In its denial letter, the DOT said it shared the coalition’s concerns, but said the need to avoid creating new regulations overrode those concerns. Business Insider: 10-4 Story: Jon L. Dorman

UPDATE 7/1/2020: Commuter fares will be collected beginning July 1, 2020. Terminal continues to be open for ticket sales only. Face masks are strongly recommended.

UPDATE 6/8/2020: Commuter routes will return to their normal schedules on Monday, June 8th. All commuter fares will continue to be free until further notice.  

UPDATE 6/1/2020: COVID-19 Update for local Butler bus service beginning June 1st:
  • Fares will be charged on all local buses
  • BTA terminal on New Castle Street will open for ticket sales only, waiting area and restrooms will remain closed.
  • Please continue wearing a mask
Thank you for your cooperation. Stay healthy and well.

UPDATE 5/1/2020: Regular LOCAL schedule will resume Monday - Friday. Saturday will operate on its regular schedule as well. Route 5 will not be able to service Thompson Green Apartments or the Duffy Road VA until further notice. Free fares and boarding from the back of the bus will continue until further notice. Please continue to wear a mask on all buses. 

BTA has been using innovative cleaning and disinfecting methods to keep passengers and drivers healthy.

In the pictures below a cold mist fogger is used to distribute disinfectant on bus surfaces and the ventilation system.

A microbe shield was applied to all BTA buses mid-March. This antimicrobial surface treatment makes surfaces inhospitable for germs for up to a year. 

Fogging bus with disinfectant   Anti-microbial Application

UPDATE 4/20/2020: Pursuant to Governor Wolf's order, and the safety and health of all, passengers MUST wear a mask. Refusal to wear a mask while on board BTA buses will be considered inappropriate conduct and may result in suspension or termination of riding privileges, in accordance with the BTA Rules of Conduct and Exclusion Policy.

UPDATE 4/2/2020: To help prevent the spread of COVID-19 in our community, we are asking our riders limit their usage of the bus service to NECESSARY trips as defined by the Governor's order. Thank you for your cooperation. 

UPDATE 3/23/2020: As of Tuesday 3/24/2020, Butler Transit will only be running one commuter route into Pittsburgh. The bus will travel Route 8 only. There will be no bus service down the Route 68 corridor to the Route 528 park n ride. 
Updated PDF notice for Commuter Bus Service

UPDATE 3/20/2020: 
(Butler, PA) – Due to the COVID-19, the Butler Transit Authority will be making the following changes to its local and commuter bus service as of Monday, March 23, 2020:


·       All local bus fares will be free

·       With the exception of elderly and passengers with mobility devices, passengers will board and exit the bus from back door and stay behind the white line

·       Monday through Saturday service will use the Saturday schedule ending with Trip 10

·       Since the Saturday schedule will be used, Route 5 will NOT operate

·       Downtown Butler Terminal will be closed


· Commuter service will be reduced to one bus traveling Route 8 and one bus traveling Route 68, runs times are as follows:

· 6:40 AM (Rt2) from Butler to Pittsburgh via Route 8

· 8:15 AM (Rt2) from Pittsburgh to Butler via Route 8

· 2:45 PM (Rt1) from Butler to Pittsburgh via Route 8

· 4:30 PM (Rt1) from Pittsburgh to Butler via Route 8


· 6:30 AM (Rt4) from Butler to Pittsburgh via Route 68 - not running as of 3/23

· 7:55 AM (Rt4) from Pittsburgh to Butler via Route 68 - not running as of 3/23

· 3:05 PM (Rt3) from Butler to Pittsburgh via Route 68 - not running as of 3/23

· 4:20 PM (Rt3) from Pittsburgh to Butler via Route 68 - not running as of 3/23


·   Downtown Butler Terminal will be closed to commuters as well

These changes will be in effect until the Governor removes the Emergency Declaration for Pennsylvania. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.
PDF Notice for local service
PDF Notice for commuter service

The Butler Transit Authority board of directors adopted their contractor, MV Transportation’s, Coronavirus COVID-19 Operations Response Plan at the March 10, 2020 Board of Directors meeting. Please see a link to the plan below. To stay up-to-date and educated on the COVID-19, refer to the CDC’s website at

Coronavirus COVID-19 Operations Response Plan

VA Healthcare Facility Screening Notice

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