Commuter Winter and Spring Promotion

Commuter Winter and Spring Promotion

Jan 9, 2020

Butler Transit Authority announced today that it will again run a promotion offering free commuter rides between Butler and Pittsburgh the third full week of January through May. With the free rides, the Authority would like to thank all its current loyal riders and encourage new riders to give public transit a try. Passengers simply board the bus, grab a comfy seat and kick back to enjoy their free trips.

In addition to giving away free rides the third week of each month, new passengers can get a 15 trip pass for free with the purchase of a 31 trip pass. Email with your name and contact info for a free 15 trip pass registration form.    

For residents in Southwestern Butler County, BTA has coordinated with New Castle Area Transit Authority to provide seven southbound morning trips and eight afternoon/evening trips between the 528 Park n Ride just outside Evans City and downtown Pittsburgh. The coordination gives commuters a wide range of commute times to best fit their work schedules. These routes have park n ride locations at Pullman Square in Butler, Edco Park in Evans City Borough and express service into Pittsburgh from the 528/I-79 Park n Ride.

Central and Northeastern Butler County residents have the option of four southbound morning trips and four northbound afternoon/evening trips between Butler and downtown Pittsburgh. These routes include park n ride locations at Pullman Square in Butler and Glade Run Church along Route 8.

All BTA commuter runs offer flag stops. Passengers along Route 8 and passengers along Route 68 can flag the bus down for boarding.

BTA’s buses offer passengers the latest technology that includes real time bus tracking, mobile ticketing and free WIFI. BTA also works with WageWorks to offer employees pre-tax transportation benefits.

The Authority operates the service with 45 foot, Made-in-America MCI coach buses. The buses are powered by compressed natural gas (CNG), running more efficiently and cleaner than diesel fueled vehicles. The buses offer comfy coach seats and USB charging ports.

In addition to the technology and bus amenities, the Authority has several free park n ride lots. With fares starting at just $3.87 the bus is the commuter’s choice for transportation between Butler County and Pittsburgh.


WHEN:  THE THIRD WEEK OF JANUARY (1/20-1/24), FEBRUARY (2/17-2/21), MARCH (3/16-3/20), APRIL (4/20-4/24) & MAY (5/18-5/22) 2020

PDF of Ride Free Flyer


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