How To Pay Your Fare

How To Pay Your Fare

FareboxBTA uses an electronic fare collection system. Passengers can pay using exact change cash or a ConnectCard.

Cash Fares

If paying your bus fare with cash please note the following:

·        You must have exact change for every passenger (Example: If you are paying for an adult and child aged 7 to 12, you cannot insert $2. You will need $1.25 and $.75. The fares need to be inserted separately, not together.)

 ·        No change will be given.

·        Farebox will accept American dollar bills, dollar coins, quarters, dimes or nickels. No pennies or 50 cent pieces will be accepted.

·        Dollar bills and coins must be inserted one at a time. Please have your bills unfolded and ready before boarding.

Cash Paying Procedures Brochure
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ConnectCard Fares

ConnectCardIf paying your bus fare with a ConnectCard, please do the following:

·   Have your ConnectCard ready before boarding.

·  At the farebox, tap your ConnectCard on the orange card target.

·  You will hear a single beep indicating that your card has been accepted. The customer screen will quickly display your pass type and expiration date or your stored cash value balance.

·     All passengers must pay their own fare using separate ConnectCards. This applies to family members and individuals traveling together. Multiple ConnectCard taps or "pass-backs" are not accepted by Authority fareboxes.

 ·        For information on purchasing a Connectcard please visit our Purchase ConnectCard page.

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