How To Pay Your Fare

How To Pay Your Fare

FareboxBTA uses an electronic fare collection system. Passengers can pay using exact change cash or a ConnectCard.

Cash Fares

If paying your bus fare with cash please note the following:

·        You must have exact change for every passenger

 ·        No change will be given.

·        Farebox will accept American dollar bills, dollar coins, quarters. No pennies, dimes, nickels or 50 cent pieces will be accepted.

·        Dollar bills and coins must be inserted one at a time. Please have your bills unfolded and ready before boarding.

Cash Paying Procedures Brochure
Farebox Features Flyer

ConnectCard Fares

ConnectCardIf paying your bus fare with a ConnectCard, please do the following:

·   Have your ConnectCard ready before boarding.

·  At the farebox, tap your ConnectCard on the orange card target.

·  You will hear a single beep indicating that your card has been accepted. The customer screen will quickly display your pass type and expiration date or your stored cash value balance.

·     All passengers must pay their own fare using separate ConnectCards. This applies to family members and individuals traveling together. Multiple ConnectCard taps or "pass-backs" are not accepted by Authority fareboxes.

 ·        For information on purchasing a Connectcard please visit our Purchase ConnectCard page.

ConnectCard Brochure
ConnectCard FAQs

Mobile Ticketing

Use your phone to carry your bus pass with mobile ticketing through Token Transit. Click here for more information.