BTA drivers are contracted through MV Transportation.
MV Transportation goes through great lengths to ensure safety:
Every Butler Transit driver starts their day with a safety message—a reminder that safety comes first. Every meeting begins with a safety message, a persistent and constant reminder that nothing comes before safety. 

We believe it is our duty and obligation to keep every person safe both inside and outside of the vehicles we operate. This focus drives everything we do including: Safety-enabling, preventative technologies and training programs

We design, initiate, and run a comprehensive safety program that includes:

  • Safety directors providing oversight and conducting regular audits to uphold our stringent standards. 
  • Video-based coaching with predictive analytics that prevent collisions before they happen.
  • Collision avoidance technology that gives drivers real-time prompts to address dangerous situations right before they happen.
  • Customized operator training programs based on local needs.
  • Ongoing analysis of driver and unit performance data to identify trends and isolate root causes.