PLEASE NOTE: The Butler Transit Authority and BART are two DIFFERENT organizations.

If you have questions regarding BART please call the number below.

BART: 724-282-6060

Butler Area Rural Transit (BART) operates six days a week utilizing 17 wheel chair accessible buses and provides on average 275-300 trips per day. 

A demand response program, BART’s philosophy is to “find a way to say; Yes” to all callers either through direct service or through referrals to other appropriate transportation providers.  Located at 130 Hollywood Drive, Suite 102 in Butler PA, BART shares a LEED-certified transportation facility with the Butler Transit Authority, the fixed route operator in the County.

In addition to Shared Ride, ANR manages Butler County Transportation for Persons with Disabilities, Medical Assistance Transportation Program (MATP), Welfare-to-Work Transportation (PennDot) and other related transportation services.  ANR’s vision for the county and the region is to be an integral part of a mobility management system that incorporates the concepts of coordinated community transportation while also keeping abreast of and involved in emerging alternate fuel and vehicle advancements.