Commuter Routes

BTA operates service to and from Pittsburgh Monday through Friday. Below is a brief description of the Routes followed by the schedules. 

Commmuter Routes 1 & 2 operate Route 8 and Route 28 between Butler, downtown Pittsburgh. 
Commuter Route 1 Bus Schedule
Commuter Route 2 Bus Schedule
Routes 3 & 4 operate Route 68, I-79, I-279 between Butler and downtown Pittsburgh. 
Commuter Route 3 Bus Schedule
Commuter Route 4 Bus Schedule

Local Routes

BTA operates four local routes primarily through Butler Township and Butler City. Route 3 also services parts of Center Township and Summit Township. Below is a destination guide that highlights stops and roads serviced by each route.

Our trip planner is also valuable in helping determine which route(s) you will need to reach your destinations. 

Destination Guide 

Local Route 1
Local Route 2/4
Local Route 3
Local Route 5

Local Route 1 Saturday
Local Route 2/4 Saturday
Local Route 3 Saturday
Local Route 5 Saturday

Inclement Weather Route Deviations