Below are some frequently asked questions. If you still cannot find the answer you need, please contact us at 724-283-1783. 
Q: Is there WIFI available on the buses?
A: Yes, free WIFI is available on all the commuter buses. Please see your driver for instructions and the password.

Q: Where are the commuter park n ride locations?
A: BTA stops at the following park n ride lots:

Routes 1 & 2 via Rt.8
Pullman Square in Butler, 130 Hollywood Drive
Glade Run Church (Signs posted)
Duncan Avenue

Routes 3 & 4 via Rt.68
Pullman Square in Butler, 130 Hollywood Drive
Edco Park in Evans City (No parking between Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends)
Route 528 Park n Ride (at I79, Jackson Township)

There is no fee to park at the lots. There are no public restrooms at the park n ride lots.

Q: How much does a one-way ticket cost on The Bus?
A one-way cash fare on the commuter service between Butler and Pittsburgh is $5.00. BTA offers the following passes that reduce the cost per trip:


15 Trip Pass - $60.00 ($4/trip)
31 Trip Pass - $120.00 ($3.87/trip)
Q: What are the bus fares? 
A:The fare for a one-way ticket on the local bus depends on your age.

Adult: $1.25
13-17 yrs old: $1.25
7-12: $0.75
Children under 6 ride for FREE

Unlimited and trip passes are also available. Visit our fares page for more information.

Be sure to have exact change for each passenger riding. The driver cannot make change as they carry no money.

Fareboxes will only accept American dollars, dollar coins, quarters, dimes and nickels. Pennies, 50 cent pieces and all foreign currency will be rejected.

Q: Are there any reduced fare programs available?
A: We have several discount pass options for all age groups. Refer to our discount passes page for more information.

Senior citizens also ride free all day. Everyday. Look at our senior citizen fares page for more details.

Q: Where can I purchase Bus passes?
A: Bus passes are sold at the terminal at 128 West New Castle Street in Butler.
Commuter passes can be purchased on the commuter buses and at www.connectcard.org.

The following local passes can also be purchased online at www.connectcard.org: Unlimited 7 day pass, Unlimited 25 day pass, 12 trip pass.   

Q: When do I pay my fare to ride The Bus?
A: Fares are paid upon entering the bus. Visit our How To Pay Your Fare page for more information.

Q: Can children ride for free on The Bus?
A: Children 6 and under ride for free. There are discount fare prices for other age groups, up to the age of 18. Our fares overview explains our fare structure.
Q: Where does The Bus stop?
A: The commuter service runs two directions to and from Pittsburgh. Routes 1 and 2 service Route 8 to Route 28 into Pittsburgh. Routes 3 and 4 take Route 68, I-79 and I-279. Visit the commuter pages for more information. 
The local Butler bus services all parts of the City of Butler and Butler Township. For an overview of stops, check out our destination list. You can find out what route stops at certain destinations by looking at the route schedules.

Q: What are the times that the buses run?
A: Each route runs on a different schedule. To see what time each route operates, view route schedules.

Q: When should I arrive at my stop?
A: You should arrive 5 minutes early to your stop. We strive to be “on time” but we may be a few minutes late or early occasionally.

Q: How do I transfer to another bus on the local service?
A: You may transfer at two locations, the terminal or Pullman Square. To do this, you ride your bus to either of those locations. Upon exiting the bus, ask your driver for a transfer slip. When you board your next bus, give the driver the transfer slip and be seated. If you paid cash and must pay 25 cents to transfer, hand your transfer to your driver before depositing 25 cents into the farebox.

If you paid with an unlimited pass, trip pass or ConnectCard cash value, a transfer will automatically be added to your card. Simply tap your card on the bus you are transferring to and your transfer will be deducted. 

Transfers are valid one per trip and expire 1 hour and ten minutes from time of issue.

Transfers are not valid on the commuter service.

Q: Does the Bus run on holidays?
A: The Bus does not operate on major holidays:
New Year’s Day
Memorial Day
4th of July
Labor Day

Q: How does The Bus assist people with disabilities?
A: The Bus makes all efforts to assist people with disabilities. All BTA buses are handicap accessible with wheelchair lifts. There are also wheelchair securing locations on each of the buses. Each bus also “kneels” or lowers to the ground to make boarding the bus easier. Visit our Accessibility page for more details on ADA Paratransit Service.
Q: Can I track my bus’s location?
A: Yes, all the buses are equipped with GPS data that allows you to track your bus live. Visit the Bus Tracker page to learn more.

Q: Can I sign up to get alerts on my bus route?
A: Yes, you can sign up for a subscription to receive alerts on the routes and stops you use the most. Visit the bus tracker page for more details.
Q: Where do I get information about The Bus?
A: You’ve found one of the best spots to do that: this website. If you prefer a more personal touch, please contact either the BTA office 724-283-0445 or the terminal 724-283-1783.

Q: What do I do if I lose something on The Bus? Do you have a lost and found?
A: We do have a lost and found and there’s a good chance we may have your lost item. Contact the terminal at 724-283-1783 to let them know you have lost an item. They’ll be happy to get you back your belongings.

Q: How do I contact BART for paratransit or assisted transportation?
A: BART can be contacted by calling 724-282-6060.

Q: How can I make a comment, a suggestion, or compliment a bus employee?
A: We would love to hear any of your ideas or compliments. Please contact us or fill out our online comment/suggestion form. We love your feedback.